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A high-angle view shows a truck ascending out of a copper quarry.

Mining the (clean energy) gap

The mining industry is transforming to meet surging demand for critical minerals.
by Paul Bendall and Lauren Bermack
A closeup photograph of a green traffic light
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Pedal to the metal

Amid rising global uncertainty, it’s tempting to hit the brakes on decarbonization, but recent insights from PwC thought leaders offer a convincing case for doing exactly the opposite.
by Daniel Gross
An artistic image shows textured arrows pointing in different directions.

To improve management, build a decision factory

In their new book, Decision Leadership, professors Don Moore and Max Bazerman tell leaders how the lessons of behavioral economics can lead to better organizational decision-making.
by Theodore Kinni
An illustration of a megaphone emitting a stream of digital icons
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It’s an ad, ad, ad, ad world

Some striking data in the latest edition of PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook explodes the notion that the advertising business is in decline.
by Daniel Gross
An illustration of a man standing before a giant wave that’s about to crash over him.

Why economies crash

A new book shows how systemic financial crises are as difficult to predict as they are to prevent.
by Mike Jakeman
An abstract illustration of four people working at computers with screens that overlap like a Venn diagram.

Meet the four forces shaping your workforce strategy

Specialization. Scarcity. Rivalry. Humanity. Companies that understand—and harness—these forces will have an edge in creating vibrant workforces capable of achieving sustained, positive outcomes.
by Bhushan Sethi, Blair Sheppard and Nicole Wakefield


Woman using a mobile app to pay in a coffee shop

Mining value from consumer data

Why retailers and consumer goods companies face different challenges as they move “beyond digital.”
by Sabine Durand-Hayes
A photograph of a woman in business clothes looking up at an office building.
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What’s most needed from managers now

As organizations shift from command-and-control leadership to more decentralized decision-making, the “frozen middle” is melting—and managers have to step up.
by Adam Bryant
A photograph of two hands cutting a slice from a blueberry tart against a mint-green background.

A kinder, gentler deal

With his book Split the Pie, Yale School of Management professor Barry Nalebuff offers a consistent, fair, and scalable approach to negotiation.
by Theodore Kinni
A black-and-white photo shows a 1940s Hollywood movie premiere.
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Persuasion, Hollywood style

Professors Peter Desberg and Jeffrey Davis explain how leaders can enhance their persuasive skills by mastering the craft of the pitch.
by Theodore Kinni

PwC Series

An illustration of a person
Transformation by PwC

Seven imperatives for moving beyond digital

Drawing on research of transformative companies, PwC authors recommend ways that executive teams can disrupt themselves and become leaders in the digital age.
An illustration of a large flower-like object, with each petal of the flower a different color and pattern. In the upper-right corner is a figure of a woman in a business suit leaping upward from a petal while holding a tablet.
Hello, tomorrow.

Living in a world of unicorns

Venture-backed giants are scaling up and transforming markets as varied fintech, electric vehicles, and healthcare.


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