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Skills-first hiring in the era of AI

In this first episode of our audio series Voices in Tech, we hear about the talent management startup from its cofounder Shay David, and PwC’s Bhushan Sethi weighs in on the impact skills-first hiring and technologies like generative AI will have on the workforce.
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How will GenAI transform the workforce?

The rapid advancement of generative AI is heralding a new era for workers—and charging leaders with a responsibility to navigate unprecedented opportunities.
Cover of October 2023 digital issue of strategy+business
Climate: The ultimate industry disruptor
The November issue of s+b explores how the climate crisis is already reshaping business.

Taking climate change seriously is not just a matter of adapting to the physical threats posed by extreme weather, or even reducing or offsetting carbon emissions. It demands rethinking what your organization does—and how it does it.

There are three actions leaders can take to reduce risk and increase reward: reimagine the future; build climate resilience, but grab quick wins; and develop leadership savvy.

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Ecological sustainability is moving away from being something that you do just to have a little green label, to increasingly [putting] your whole value chain in a much more competitive, robust, and resilient positioning.