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A glass architectural dome, seen from underneath, with a hexagon at its center

Lessons in simplicity strategy

Using a six-point “hexagon action” model to deal with a complex world helps leaders focus and prioritize their work.
by Julia Hobsbawm
An illustration showing silhouetted figures constructing a large, upward-pointing arrow out of red, orange, and yellow bricks.

Asia-Pacific’s rebalancing act

As the power of traditional drivers of growth fades, companies need to develop more resilient and rebalanced supply chains to keep the region moving forward.
by Raymund Chao, Christopher Kelkar, and David Wijeratne
A luxury building looms beyond a row of trees.
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Imagination is not enough

As the novel Martin Dressler shows, the most ambitious endeavor in business is to create an immersive world.
by Daniel Akst
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Take on Tomorrow series

Bold insights for bold leaders. A new series that addresses the most urgent forces facing business leaders in 2021 — and beyond.


A businesswoman listens to a presentation during a team meeting.
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Leader, know thyself

To improve executive performance, thinking about thinking is a really good idea.
by Theodore Kinni
Smiling woman in an office with her team behind her

Tackling Japan’s gender gap

Women account for less than 10 percent of company presidents in Japan. But Kathy Matsui, a longtime champion for boosting female employment and leadership, is optimistic about the future.
by Bobbie van der List
A young worker organizes his ideas by posting sticky notes on a window.
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The Four Fs of employee experience

These simple principles, based on the empathetic, iterative practice of design thinking, can help you help your people perform to their fullest potential.
by Angela Lester and Claudia Montgomery

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