Best of Multimedia: What’s Your Leadership Style?

Charity Delich

Charity Delich is the marketing & public relations manager of strategy+business.

Earlier this year, Business Insider posted a fascinating infographic  excerpted from the book “When Cultures Collide: Leading across Cultures,” by British cross-cultural communication expert Richard D. Lewis. The graphic outlines 24 leadership styles that vary—and quite dramatically in some instances—by geography.

For example, managers in the United Kingdom typically assume a “casual leadership” style, meaning they are “…willing to compromise, and seeking to be fair, though they can be ruthless when necessary.” In Asia, where a “consensus rule” is the norm, “the group is sacred and leaders are seen as benevolent.” India adopts a “traditional organized” approach characterized by trade groups, such as fruit vendors, forming close personal connections and working together when challenges arrive.

Lewis admits that these leadership profiles are stereotypes—but “true stereotypes.” Regardless of whether you agree, his work certainly provides interesting food for thought. You can find the graphic, and essential commentary about each style, here.


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