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Compliance. Transformed. by PwC

Compliance. Transformed. by PwC
In uncertain times, organizations that build trust into their brand, products, and services can increase both resilience and loyalty. This is critically important today, as the rapidly changing risk and regulatory landscape challenges organizations to revisit how they manage compliance. Organizations that shift compliance from a cost of doing business to a position of strategic value can generate significant competitive advantage — all while enhancing their reputation and meeting broader obligations to society at large. To learn more about PwC’s five attributes of highly effective approaches to compliance, go to Compliance. Transformed.

The hidden value in getting compliance right

In times of crisis and recovery, a strategic approach to compliance can build trust and create value for customers, stakeholders, and society at large.
by Andrew McPherson, Bob Pethick, and Chris Kong

Don’t fight regulation. Reprogram it.

Business and government should regard the rules as an operating system: a platform, updated collaboratively, that encourages innovation and the common good.
by Alison Kutler and Antonio Sweet

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Learning to love transparency

The post-COVID imperative requires much better ESG reporting and disclosure. CEOs and their executive teams should focus on five short-term priorities.

Compliance. Transformed.

Is your approach to compliance constraining capital, culture and customer experience, or is it contributing to trust and competitive advantage? 

COVID-19 regulatory changes

Use this tool to stay abreast of the regulatory changes and announcements that may impact your business worldwide.