Issue 99, Summer 2020
strategy+business magazine: Issue 99 Summer 2020

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Cover story

  • How to succeed in uncertain times

    by Will Jackson-Moore, Heather Swanston, and Mohamed Kande
    In a difficult environment, leaders need to resist the impulse to adopt a defensive pose. They must instead take actions that will position their organization for success.
  • GMO

    Six keys to unlocking upskilling at scale

    by Darren Lee, Mike Pino, and Ann Johnston
    Research suggests that with the right mind-set, technological literacy, and community engagement, you can shepherd your entire workforce into the digital future.
  • The most agile day

    by Leo M. Tilman and General Charles Jacoby
    What the Allied invasion of Normandy has to teach us about the power and utility of organizational agility.
  • Forces of nature

    by David K. Hurst
    Understanding how ecosystems grow, thrive, and regenerate can help leaders steer their organization in the future.

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