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Why business should cut food waste

Being green isn’t the only reason for companies to get on board. Retailers, restaurants, and others that find ways to minimize food surpluses will reap financial rewards, too.
by Deepali Srivastava

How to pick technology winners

Some of today’s innovations will become as prevalent as smartphones. Others, such as jet packs, won’t take off. Three factors can help you tell which are likely to succeed.
by Peter Schwartz

Power strategies

The largest utilities around the globe are placing their bets on winning strategies and capabilities.
by Thomas Flaherty, Paul Nillesen, and Mark Coughlin

You can’t benchmark culture

Your company’s ideal behavioral strengths are unique, and shouldn’t be borrowed or copied — not even from a high-performance enterprise.
by Jon Katzenbach and Alice Zhou

Water Experts for the World

The Dutch turned adversity into a compelling economic opportunity. Other countries could do the same.
by Bobbie van der List
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Are We Outgrowing Growth?

Citizens and policymakers are asking whether economies can break out of growth-dependent frameworks. Businesses should help find the answer.
by Deepali Srivastava

Keeping Cool under Pressure

For Greg Lehmkuhl, president and CEO of Lineage Logistics, temperature-controlled supply chains for perishables are one of the world’s next great platforms.
by Art Kleiner and Spencer Herbst

Planning for the Unexpected

Typical crisis planning focuses on specific potential shocks. But how do you prepare for an unforeseen “asymmetric” threat — one that comes out of nowhere, with no rule book to follow?
by Paul Wolfowitz, Kristin Rivera, and Glenn Ware

Getting Beyond Greenwashing

IESE professor Pascual Berrone on why companies need to rethink their approach to sustainability.
by Laura W. Geller
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A Counterintuitive Way to Shape Demand

Investing in more efficient ways for consumers to use your core commodity as it faces disruptive competition can be a smart move.
by Daniel Gross
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