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Organizations & people

Gridded montage of many faces

Expansionists, brokers, and conveners

In her new book, Yale School of Management professor Marissa King explores the topographies of three network models and the networking styles of their builders.
by Theodore Kinni
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The power of power consciousness

Businesses benefit when they help their employees understand the different types of power relationships that shape workplaces.
by Josh Levs
Two people happily shaking hands

Mutual respect

In her new book, Freelancers Union founder Sara Horowitz urges people to rely less on government and more on a powerful cooperative spirit.
by Mike Jakeman
A smiling group of employees surrounds the boss, offering notebooks, pens, and glasses in an effort to please her.
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Do you manage up or down?

It’s not easy to spot those who spend all their energy looking up, so organizations need systems to root them out.
by Adam Bryant
Detective examining clues in a case, arrayed on a bulletin board
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Detective story

Homicide, David Simon’s classic study of Baltimore’s detective squads, contains powerful management lessons.
by Daniel Akst