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Connecting the dots in an uncertain world

NYU’s Christian Busch makes the case that serendipity is a skill, resulting from a mindset that allows you to see and act on opportunities in seemingly unrelated facts or events.
by Suvarchala Narayanan
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Don’t kill bureaucracy, use it

Bureaucracies are the scaffolding needed to implement new ideas at scale. Just remember to dismantle them when the work is done.
by Theodore Kinni
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Clocking in, 21st-century style

In the era of telecommuting, what qualifies as “working time”? A new paper proposes a way to track employees’ hours on the job while respecting their time off.
by Matt Palmquist
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What is an office for now?

Remote working may be here to stay, but don’t write off the office just yet.
by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Sustaining productivity in a virtual world

Maintaining productivity levels among remote employees is an enduring challenge. Here are five ways to help people and businesses thrive in the post-pandemic world of work.
by Nele Van Buggenhout, Soraya Murat, and Tom de Sousa

Why corporate purpose statements often miss their mark

Analysis of nearly 2,000 CEOs’ description of their company’s purpose reveals that most omit a critical detail: why their company is in business.
by Christopher Michaelson, Douglas A. Lepisto, and Michael G. Pratt

Thinking productively about the future

Asking the right questions today will allow leaders to be better prepared for — and even gain insights from — uncertainty.
by Stephen Newman and Wanda T. Wallace
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Restoring craft to work

The innate desire to do a job well has greater motivational force than any corporate purpose.
by Theodore Kinni