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strategy and business

Issue 71, Summer 2013

Strategy & Leadership

Captains in Disruption

Even when facing a crisis, some CEOs know how to anticipate the worst, plan a response, and navigate to advantage. You can do the same.
Strategy & Leadership

“It’s Time for a Change”

CEO turnover is trending high, but in a more planned and stable manner.
Strategy & Leadership

Portrait of the Incoming Class

The newest CEOs have neither the diversity nor the global backgrounds that you might expect.
Strategy & Leadership

Leading with Intellectual Integrity

One skill distinguishes the effective CEO: the ability to make disciplined and integrated choices.

Flight of the Drone Maker

How a small firm named AeroVironment is changing the course of airplanes, automobiles, and warfare. See also The Drone Maker’s Story—In Pictures
Leading Ideas

Turning the Tables on Success

In today’s workplace, what goes around comes around faster, sinking takers and propelling givers to the top.
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Strategy & Leadership

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