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s+b is an award-winning business magazine published quarterly by Booz & Company. This page lists the business articles from our latest print issue, featuring our extensive coverage of management thinking, business profiles, and strategic analysis, written by noted thought leaders, senior executives, and seasoned practitioners.

Issue 61, Winter 2010

Strategy & Competition

The Right to Win

Business strategy is at an evolutionary crossroads. It’s time to resolve the long-standing tension between the inherent identity of your organization and the fleeting nature of your competitive advantage.
The Global Innovation 1000

The Global Innovation 1000: How the Top Innovators Keep Winning

Booz & Company’s annual study of the world’s biggest R&D spenders shows why highly innovative companies are able to consistently outperform. Their secret? They’re good at the right things, not at everything.
Marketing, Media & Sales

A Better Choosing Experience

When consumers are overwhelmed with options, marketers should give them what they really want: ways of shopping that lower the cognitive stress.
Best Business Books 2010

Best Business Books 2010

Our annual review: David Warsh on The Economy, Walter Kiechel III on Leadership, Krisztina “Z” Holly on Innovation, Sheridan Prasso on China, Sally Helgesen on Human Capital, Judith E. Glaser on The Human Mind, David K. Hurst on Management, and James O’Toole on Biography and History.
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