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Best Business Books 2007: s+b's Top Shelf

(originally published by Booz & Company)

Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design
by Bill Buxton
(Morgan Kaufmann, 2007)

Strategic Intuition: The Creative Spark in Human Achievement
by William Duggan
(Columbia University Press, 2007)

Science Business: The Promise, the Reality, and the Future of Biotech
by Gary P. Pisano
(Harvard Business School Press, 2006)

Prophet of Innovation: Joseph Schumpeter and Creative Destruction
by Thomas K. McCraw
(Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2007)

The Entrepreneurs
Typo: The Last American Typesetter, or How I Made and Lost 4 Million Dollars
by David Silverman
(Soft Skull Press, 2007)

Behavioral Theory
Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder
by David Weinberger
(Times Books, 2007)

Human Capital
Five Minds for the Future
by Howard Gardner
(Harvard Business School Press, 2007)

Andrew Carnegie
by David Nasaw
(Penguin Press, 2006)



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