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12 Illustrations about Management Thinking

A look at the artwork from the recent pages of strategy+business, on themes including overcoming bias at work, competitiveness in the age of digitization, and the ethics of CEOs.

Illustration by Jasu Hu

Design for Your Strengths

Paul Leinwand, coauthor of Strategy That Works, introduces a counterintuitive lesson in how to achieve breakthrough performance in your organization from Olympic medalist John K. Coyle.

Illustration by Lars Leetaru

10 Principles of Strategic Leadership

How to develop and retain leaders who can guide your organization through times of fundamental change.

Illustration by Lincoln Agnew

Beyond Bias

Neuroscience research shows how new organizational practices can shift ingrained thinking.

Illustration by Miguel Montaner

10 Principles for Leading the Next Industrial Revolution

Tools and techniques to ensure your company will stand out in the new age of digitization.

Illustration by Irene Rinaldi

Helping Women Leaders Plot Their Next Career Move

An innovative program helps seasoned women executives — including former military officers — plan what to do next.

Illustration by Benoit Tardif,

Your Next Board Member Should Be a Geek

Why companies need directors with technological expertise.

Illustration by Karolin Schnoor

Steady Progress

Is the mobile age helping consumers and products discover one another? Or is it creating an environment of constant surveillance?

Illustration by Adam McCauley

Big Marketing Gets Personal

In 2016, the best business books on marketing spoke to the need to understand and relate to consumers at the micro level.

Illustration by James Yang

‚ÄčThe Best Management Is Less Management

Lessons from the Chilean government’s response to crisis.

Illustration by André Da Loba

Are CEOs Less Ethical Than in the Past?

Why more chief executives are losing their jobs after scandals and corporate misconduct.

Illustration by Serge Bloch

In Search of Ingenuity

The quiet heroes of innovation do the little things that bring big ideas to life.

Illustration by Francesco Bongiorni

The Coming Wave of Digital Disruption

Technological changes foreshadow a dramatic — but manageable — shift in business logic everywhere.

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