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s+b is an award-winning business magazine published quarterly by Booz & Company. This page lists the business articles from our latest print issue, featuring our extensive coverage of management thinking, business profiles, and strategic analysis, written by noted thought leaders, senior executives, and seasoned practitioners.

Issue 72, Autumn 2013

Organizations & People

How to Design a Winning Company

The eight components of your organizational genome hold the secret to unleashing superior performance.
Strategy & Leadership

An Uncommonly Cohesive Conglomerate

How United Technologies Corporation—owner of Pratt & Whitney, Otis Elevator, and a wide range of other businesses—became one of the major corporate success stories of the past two decades. See also “The Story of UTCʼs Success—In Pictures.”
Strategy & Leadership

How Ready Are You for Growth?

A Booz & Company study reveals that only 17 percent of companies are poised for a profitable future.
Leading Ideas

Interactive s+b Trend Watch: Banks Go Digital

How streamlining bank–client interaction can lead to cost savings of 15 to 30 percent.
Thought Leader

The Thought Leader Interview: Loran Nordgren

The cofounder of unconscious thought theory explains how taking a break and distracting the mind can lead to higher-quality decision making.
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