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Inside the Outlook

Delving into comprehensive data on the world’s entertainment and media industries yields sharp insights into a future of eroding borders, changing behavior, and opportunities for growth.

PwC’s annual Global Entertainment & Media Outlook is the most comprehensive five-year forecast for global, regional, and national entertainment and media (E&M) industry revenue, and spending on advertising and Internet access. Alongside the hard revenue projections for 54 countries, which are updated every year, the Outlook also uncovers and investigates the trends that are influencing the growth prospects in all segments of E&M and communications.

As current users of the Outlook know, you can drill down into the data and create your own cuts of it by visiting But this year, there’s more. For the first time, the PwC entertainment and media team has teamed up with strategy+business to create a Special Report. This package of features mines and builds on the Outlook data to provide broad analysis and deep insight into what the forecasts — and the trends driving them — mean for players in the global E&M industry, and, by extension, to companies in all other sectors.

The shifting of E&M’s tectonic plates creates huge opportunities for those with the insight and capabilities to identify and target them.

The opening article, “A World of Differences,” paints a picture of a dynamic, diverse industry in which drastic slowdowns in some areas coexist with spectacular expansion in others. The shifting of these tectonic plates creates huge opportunities for those with the insight and capabilities needed to identify and target them. In “You’re a Media Company. Now What?” John Sviokla and I examine the ways in which ways in which companies in all industries are converging in media to better execute their strategies. We get up-close-and-personal interviews with two leading players in the business: Facebook chief marketing officer Carolyn Everson and WPP CEO Martin Sorrell. And we’ve brought in outside voices to help us understand the unique dynamics of the Indian media market and the ways in which media companies can better understand their fan bases.

This s+b Special Report marks the beginning — not the end — of a conversation. We invite you to delve into the Outlook to pursue your own interests and reach your own conclusions. Whatever sector you’re in — or think you’re in — we’re confident our efforts to marry data with narrative will serve as an indispensable resource.

Deborah Bothun
Deborah Bothun leads PwC’s global entertainment and media practice. She is a principal with PwC US based in New York.

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