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s+b is an award-winning business magazine published quarterly by Booz & Company. This page lists the business articles from our latest print issue, featuring our extensive coverage of management thinking, business profiles, and strategic analysis, written by noted thought leaders, senior executives, and seasoned practitioners.

Issue 62, Spring 2011

Organizations & People

Stop Blaming Your Culture

Start using it instead — to reinforce and build the new behaviors that will give you the high-performance company you want.

“That’s the Way We (Used to) Do Things Around Here”

With a little knowledge of neuroscience, reframing behavior can be the essence of organizational change.

The Rise of Generation C

How to prepare for the Connected Generation’s transformation of the consumer and business landscape.
The Creative Mind

Stan Ovshinsky’s Solar Revolution

His inventions from 50 years ago enabled cell phones, laptops, and flat-screen TVs. Now, at age 88, he’s aiming to make solar power cheaper than coal.
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