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Issue 82, Spring 2016

strategy+business magazine: Issue 82 Spring 2016

Cover story

  • Strategy & Leadership

    Creating a strategy that works

    by Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi
    The most farsighted enterprises have mastered five unconventional practices for building and using distinctive capabilities.


  • Technology

    Raising Your Digital IQ

    by Chris Curran, Tom Puthiyamadam, and Chrisie Wendin
    A global survey of business leaders shows how the smartest companies develop and wield their technology strategy.
  • Technology

    A strategist’s guide to blockchain

    by John Plansky, Tim O’Donnell, and Kimberly Richards
    Our annual review of the year’s best business books. : An Expensive Breakdown in Communications • : Leading by Biographical Example • : The Machine Age • : Capturing Attention – and Data – in a Digital Age• : What a Character! • : The (Very) Political Economy • : The Search for Innovation

Leading Ideas

  • Strategy & Leadership

    Secrets of the Activist Manager

    by Larry Jones and Joseph Duerr
    Outside investors have their megaphones. But insiders have a more powerful tool for creating value: deep knowledge of their business and customers.
  • Innovation

    In Search of Ingenuity

    by Andrew Hargadon
    The quiet heroes of innovation do the little things that bring big ideas to life.
  • Business Literature

    Breaking Bad Barriers

    by Paul Barnett
    In her new book, journalist Gillian Tett convincingly shows how companies can be constrained by silos that inhibit collaboration — and how they can break out of them.
  • Technology

    Mutually Assured Disruption

    by Ramesh Nair and Ken Favaro
    Why established companies should join forces with upstart competitors.


  • Technology

    Enterprise Architecture Planning 2.0

    by Jack Topdjian, Dirk Klemm, and Carl Drisko
    A new approach to digital strategy reinvents legacy IT by aligning it to a company’s capabilities.
  • Organizations & People

    The Mindful Board

    by Charlotte M. Roberts and Martha W. Summerville
    Directors facing complex corporate governance challenges can develop their capacity to think together about the implications of their decisions.

Books in Brief

  • Business Literature

    The Margin of Safety

    by David J. Lynch
    In his new book, Wall Street Journal veteran Greg Ip makes the counterintuitive argument that the preventive efforts that makes us safe can encourage dangerous risk taking.
  • Business Literature

    The Empathy Solution

    by Edward H. Baker
    Ever-smarter computers may be poised to steal the jobs of a rising number of people. In a new book, Geoff Colvin argues that humans can deploy a secret weapon: their ability to care.
  • Business Literature

    The Fed’s Original Intent

    by Neil Irwin
    In his new book, Roger Lowenstein describes how financial crises and political tensions spurred the creation of the U.S.’s central bank.
  • Business Literature

    My Tunes

    by Jon Fine
    In his new book, Stephen Witt offers a compelling tale of how music industry executives, technologists, and pirates upended the business of selling recorded music.

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