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Issue 86, Spring 2017

strategy+business magazine: Issue 86 Spring 2017

Cover story

  • Strategy & Leadership

    Building trust while cutting costs

    by Vinay Couto, Deniz Caglar, and John Plansky
    During a restructuring, rumors spread and fear takes hold. You can reduce the turmoil by finding ways to inform, empower, and inspire employees.
  • Technology

    Siri, Who Is Terry Winograd?

    by Lawrence M. Fisher
    For 40 years, the Stanford professor has steered the increasingly complex and meaningful interactions between humans and computers.

Leading Ideas

  • Innovation

    Microsoft Starts Up

    by Shameen Prashantham and George S. Yip
    The tech giant’s partnership model shows how large companies can work with new ventures to drive innovation.
  • Thought Leaders

    The CEO as Activist

    by Jan Alexander
    Duke professor Aaron Chatterji believes business leaders have social and political responsibilities they can’t afford to neglect.
  • Auto, Airlines & Transport

    Who Will Insure Self-Driving Cars?

    by Chris Martin, Aaron Schwartz, and Haskell Garfinkel
    The advent of autonomous vehicles may send the auto insurance industry over a cliff.


  • Marketing, Media & Sales

    The art of customer delight

    by Thomas A. Stewart and Patricia O’Connell
    The service sector needs to break away from old manufacturing-oriented habits and build great consumer experiences into every facet of its business model.

Books in Brief

  • Business Literature

    Women’s Work

    by Jill Priluck
    Veteran journalist Joann Lublin chronicles the triumphs and travails of women rising to the C-suite.
  • Business Literature

    Buying Our Time

    by Edward H. Baker
    Author Tim Wu argues that the Internet’s descent into clickbait and trivia is only the latest chapter in a long history of advertisers grabbing our attention.
  • Business Literature

    Cash Advances?

    by Mark Gimein
    Economist Kenneth Rogoff argues that getting rid of paper money will lead to a more secure economy and effective monetary policy.
  • Business Literature

    It Pays to Get to Know Your Superconsumers

    by Catharine P. Taylor
    Beyond revenue, customers who are obsessed with a product don’t just provide valuable insight but are a conduit to new markets.

Thought Leaders

Recent Research

  • s+b Blogs

    Return on Design

    by Matt Palmquist
    Companies that receive awards for product design see an immediate uptick in stock price.
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