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Best Business Books 2012

Our annual review of the year’s best business books.

(originally published by Booz & Company)

New and improved! This promise gets slapped on business books as often as on household cleansers. Many books are new each year, but those with genuine insight and value are very rare indeed.

We take the time to find them. In strategy+business’s Best Business Books 2012, our team of distinguished experts — some veterans of this annual special section, namely James O’Toole, Sally Helgesen, Phil Rosenzweig, and “Z” Holly, and some newcomers, Alice Schroeder, J. Philip Lathrop, and Shaun Holliday — review 21 tomes published between the autumn of 2011 and the autumn of 2012 that fulfill their promise.

Be sure to take a close look at our Top Shelf selections — our reviewers’ picks as the best of this year’s best business books. They include a new appraisal of Dwight David Eisenhower that will prompt you to consider your own effectiveness as a leader, a realistic plan for improving healthcare that eschews political rhetoric for practical solutions, an exploration of cloud computing that gets beyond the surface technological story to look more deeply at how it will change business practices, and four more books that merit your time and attention.                  


s+b’s Top Shelf

Virtuosity Squared
by Alice Schroeder

Considering Competition
by Phil Rosenzweig

Brand New
by Shaun Holliday

Context Is King
by Krisztina “Z” Holly

Beyond the Rhetoric of Reform
by J. Philip Lathrop

Organizational Culture
Small Talk
by Sally Helgesen

Of Markets and Morals
by James O’Toole

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