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Best of Multimedia: Social Media’s Impact on the Arab Spring, Wall Street, and Outer Space

This visual snapshot shows social media’s central role in communication from 2008‒13.

(originally published by Booz & Company)

Earlier this month, we launched s+b’s Strategy of the Year, our inaugural call for readers to nominate 2013’s most fashionable strategy. As a marketer, “social media strategy” naturally popped to the top of my own list of contenders for the title. 

You might find it surprising that most companies are still in the early stages of creating social media strategies. In fact, according to the Altimeter Group’s recent report, “The State of Social Business 2013,” only 17 percent of companies describe themselves as “strategic” in how they carry out social media activities. Clearly, there’s room for improvement in 2014. 

Thinking about the topic inspired me to sift through some recent social media graphics. One of my favorites was this infographic published by Hootsuite, showcasing how social media has evolved over the past five years. My pick for the most interesting factoid: Twitter’s 2012 extraterrestrial foray with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield tweeting stunning pictures of the Earth from outer space.

The Evolution of Social Media (2008‒13): An Infographic


Charity Delich

Charity J. Delich is the marketing & public relations manager of strategy+business.

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