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Issue 84, Autumn 2016

strategy+business magazine: Issue 84 Autumn 2016

Cover story

  • Marketing, Media & Sales

    A World of Differences

    by Chris Lederer and Megan Brownlow
    Entertainment and media companies can tap into many pockets of growth and opportunity. Our intensive analysis of five shifts roiling the industry can help you identify them.
  • Strategy & Leadership

    10 principles of strategic leadership

    by Jessica Leitch, David Lancefield, and Mark Dawson
    How to develop and retain leaders who can guide your organization through times of fundamental change. 
  • Innovation

    Diagnosing Dislocation

    by Alexander Kandybin
    Don’t assume the new entrant in your market is a disruption. Learn to recognize different types of threats and design the best strategic response. See also "Threatened by Dislocation."
  • Marketing, Media & Sales

    India’s Triple Play

    by Suvarchala Narayanan
    What do feature phones, regional newspapers, and smartphones have in common? They’re all vehicles for the country’s remarkable move to digital broadband.
  • Marketing, Media & Sales

    Fan Favorites

    by Erin Reilly
    In order to build engagement and loyalty in a climate of intense competition and distraction, media companies have to understand their customers, viewers, and readers as fans.

Leading Ideas


  • Technology

    The chrysalis effect

    by Juliette Powell
    Successful startups reach a point when they must shed their early habits and take on just the right amount of managerial maturity.
  • Finance

    Hedge fund, meet highway

    by Julien Courbe and Peter Raymond
    New investments in infrastructure by private asset managers are changing the way the world finances its cities, power systems, and transportation links.


Books in Brief

  • Business Literature

    Share and Share Alike

    by Lydia DePillis
    In his new book, Arun Sundararajan paints a rosy picture of the revolutionary companies and platforms that are altering the nature of work.
  • s+b Blogs
    Business Literature

    How to Become a Talent Magnet

    by Theodore Kinni
    Superbosses examines the talent practices of those rare leaders whose protégés go on to dominate industries.
  • Business Literature

    Nurturing Nature

    by David K. Hurst
    In his new book, evolutionary biologist Joseph Henrich argues that culture and behavior can have an important impact on evolution.
  • s+b Blogs
    Global Perspective

    Hamilton’s Place

    by Daniel Gross
    Has American economic history proved that pragmatism is the most effective ideology?

Recent Research

  • s+b Blogs

    Nice Guys Finish First

    by Matt Palmquist
    When hiring CEOs, companies appear to focus on interpersonal skills while overlooking the candidate’s capacity to get the job done.
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