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Issue 96, Autumn 2019

strategy+business magazine: Issue 96 Autumn 2019

Cover story

  • GMO

    A crisis of legitimacy

    by Blair Sheppard and Ceri-Ann Droog
    Today’s toughest global challenges are unintended consequences of yesterday’s success. If our prevailing institutions can’t adapt, they could lose the right to lead.

Leading Ideas

  • s+b Blogs

    How business schools can change the world

    by Deepa Krishnan
    Experiential learning approaches that give management students exposure to adversity can help create empathetic leaders who are motivated to build a more equitable, sustainable future.
  • Thought leaders

    Creating happier employees

    by Laura W. Geller
    Professor Jochen Menges on the ways companies can develop well-being initiatives that genuinely make people feel better.


  • Strategy

    Winning with a data-driven strategy

    by Pawan Kumar, Ramy Sedra, and Javier Barguñó Casanova
    Making decisions based on hard evidence requires a major shift in culture, technology, and mind-set.
  • Tech & innovation

    Facing up to the automotive innovation dilemma

    by Evan Hirsh, Rich Parkin, and Reid Wilk
    The rise of connected, autonomous, shared, and electric vehicles will reshape the industry. The challenge in the meantime is survival.

Books in Brief

  • Business books

    A winning effort

    by Mark Gimein
    In his new book, Neil Irwin finds that people who succeed in management careers do so by trying new things, learning from failures, and embracing changes in direction.
  • Business books

    Diving into deep learning

    by Chana R. Schoenberger
    In their new book on what makes high schools work, education experts Jal Mehta and Sarah Fine offer vital lessons for business leaders as well.
  • Business books

    Conversational computing

    by Theodore Kinni
    James Vlahos’s new book, Talk to Me, is a good starting point for exploring how voice computing could disrupt your business.
  • Business books

    Level setting

    by David J. Lynch
    In his new book, Michael O’Sullivan looks to the past to find a future for the post-globalization world.

The Thought Leader Interview

Recent Research

  • s+b Blogs

    Keep your CSR programs on track

    by Matt Palmquist
    Corporate social responsibility can be tricky, especially for multinationals. A new study lays out some guidance.
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