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Issue 103, Summer 2021

strategy+business magazine: Issue 103 Summer 2021

Cover story

  • A CEO guide to today’s value creation ecosystem

    by Helen Mallovy Hicks, Aaron Gilcreast, Hein Marais, and Chris Manning
    The drivers of enterprise value extend beyond financial productivity — and as disruption intensifies, businesses must adapt to avoid value destruction.
  • A black-and-white illustration of a woman looking through binoculars. The view reflected in them is of a colorful city with a bright-blue sky

    A leadership agenda to take on tomorrow

    by Laura W. Geller and Spencer Herbst
    PwC’s 24th Annual Global CEO Survey reveals the opportunities and threats shaping company leaders’ outlook for 2021 and beyond.
  • An illustration showing silhouetted figures constructing a large, upward-pointing arrow out of red, orange, and yellow bricks.

    Asia-Pacific’s rebalancing act

    by Raymund Chao, Christopher Kelkar, and David Wijeratne
    As the power of traditional drivers of growth fades, companies need to develop more resilient and rebalanced supply chains to keep the region moving forward.
  • Illustration of a faceless man in profile against a yellow-green background. He is picking apples from a tree that is displayed on a larger-than-life smartphone to his left.

    Streaming energy

    by Kim David Greenwood, Kate Kennard, and Mark Borao
    After a year of explosive growth fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, streaming video companies have to embrace new strategies to create value for viewers, creators, and investors.

Leading Ideas


Books in Brief

  • Close-up view of a circuit board

    Battling the bots

    by Mike Jakeman
    In his new book, Futureproof, Kevin Roose provides useful advice for humans on life amid rampant automation.
  • Illustration showing a polluting factory against a gray landscape on the left, and a clean factory against a colorful landscape on the right.

    Bill Gates tackles climate change

    by Deepali Srivastava
    In his new book, the Microsoft cofounder argues that doubling down on innovation can move the world closer to net-zero emissions.
  • A stylized illustration shows two heads in conversation, with arrows springing from their minds.

    Arguing your way to better strategy

    by Theodore Kinni
    In Making Great Strategy, Stanford b-school professors Jesper Sørensen and Glenn Carroll bridge the gap between abstract strategic visions and executable plans.

Inside the Mind of the CEO

Endpage: Recent Research

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