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Issue 97, Winter 2019

strategy+business magazine: Issue 97 Winter 2019

Cover story

  • China’s herd of unicorns

    by Jianbin Gao and Yuqing Guo
    About 200 Chinese startups have valuations of $1 billion or more, and many are preparing to go global.
  • GMO

    India’s new unicorns

    by Vishnupriya Sengupta and Suvarchala Narayanan
    The world’s largest democracy is becoming a seedbed for billion-dollar startups.
  • Best Business Books 2019, with slideshow

    by Daniel Gross
    In the 19th edition of strategy+business's Best Business Books section, our writers identify the three most compelling reads in seven genres.
  • GMO

    Transforming TV by going back to the future

    by David Lancefield
    For virtually its entire existence, the vast global television industry has survived and thrived amid a series of transformations. Here’s how it can surf the next wave.

Leading Ideas


  • Leadership

    The wisdom of Charles Handy

    by Charles Handy
    In his new book, the renowned business thinker and philosopher passes on his experiences of life, work, and how not to fall into the management trap.
  • Manufacturing

    Jabil’s manufacturing leap

    by Richard D’Aveni
    How one of the biggest companies you’ve never heard of may create the future of manufacturing.

Best Business Books 2019, with slideshow

The Thought Leader Interview

  • Why aren’t successful people happier?

    by Daniel Gross
    Yale psychologist Laurie Santos delves into the social sciences to understand how people can overcome the internal obstacles and biases that prevent them from living their best life — and how leaders can set an example.

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