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Top ten: The most read s+b articles of 2021

Shaping better meetings, the ESG revolution, and a guide to value creation are among our most popular articles this year.

How governments can push towards a better tomorrow

by Kevin Burrowes and Jessica Shannon

An illustration of a scale, tipped to one side, with three figures on it.

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World leaders face six interconnected challenges, and although approaches and solutions will differ by country, taking key actions will benefit all.

Are you ready for the ESG revolution?

by Peter Gassmann, Casey Herman, and Colm Kelly

An illustration of three overlapping circle-shaped sign posts with stars on them against a red background. Each post is held by a person.

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Societal need and business opportunity are coming together to transform the way companies craft strategy, drive performance, and report results.

Why the first five minutes of a meeting shape its outcome

by Elizabeth Doty

An overhead view of a group of businesspeople gathered around a table for a lively, engaging meeting.

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You’ve planned a great gathering for your team. Now it’s time to start it off right.

Building a culture of learning at work

by Adam Grant

A stylized cartoon shows businesspeople assembling a pyramid with multicolored blocks.

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How leaders can create the psychological safety for people to constantly rethink what’s possible.

How ESG will drive the next wave of transformation

by Peter Gassmann and Colm Kelly

An illustration of a man standing in front of a clock shaped like a globe.

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And what it will look like on the ground.

Practicing strategy in an uncertain world

by David Lancefield

An illustration showing black chess pieces floating above a yellow-and-blue chessboard with a warped surface.

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A modern strategy that works will require leaders to learn new skills and apply new tools. Here’s a primer for a refreshed approach.

What is your personal leadership brand?

by Adam Bryant

An introspective businessperson gazes through a window.

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To help build authenticity, be clear on the specific values that have guided your career and that you expect others to embrace.

A CEO guide to today’s value creation ecosystem

by Helen Mallovy HicksAaron GilcreastHein Marais, and Chris Manning

An illustration of a sailboat with yellow and white sails against a yellow sky, with rays from the sun mimicking the shape and color of the yellow sail.

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The drivers of enterprise value extend beyond financial productivity—and as disruption intensifies, businesses must adapt to avoid value destruction.

How the best soccer team in the world lost its luster

by Simon Kuper

Barcelona players in a tight huddle as they celebrate a win during the 2012 UEFA Champions League

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FC Barcelona produced the greatest homegrown talent of any club but failed to keep the production line rolling. Business leaders can heed its warnings.

A remarkable thing could happen as we return to work

by Bhushan Sethi and Deniz Caglar

An illustration of a woman walking alongside the letter "i," which appears in an alternating white and yellow pattern.

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Why 2021 will be a pivotal moment for leaders as they connect in new ways with their employees and society.

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