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The 10 most read s+b articles of 2020

Running a company in a pandemic-impacted world, the trouble with “managers,” and more of the most read stories this year.

An illustration of the year 2020
Illustration by Serge Bloch
Photograph of a woman typing on a laptop
Photograph by Matthew Septimus

Seven key actions business can take to mitigate the effects of COVID-19

by Melanie Butler and Kristin Rivera

In the face of a global crisis, well-prepared businesses can help protect their workers and their bottom lines.

Illustration of a woman's head, opening up to reveal trees and birds
Illustration by André da Loba

Adapting to a new world

by Blair SheppardDaria Zarubina, and Alexis Jenkins

Facing the challenges of the post-COVID-19 landscape.

Photograph of a man on a cell phone walking through a parking lot
Photograph by Westend61

Is it time to retire the title of manager?

by Adam Bryant

In an era of endless disruption, the word feels increasingly dated.

Illustration of a woman sitting inside of a hexagon shape
Illustration by Lars Leetaru

The Simplicity Principle and why six is the perfect number for better management

by Julia Hobsbawm

“Keep it simple” and “learn from nature” are positive mantras to live and work by.

Photograph of an older man and woman making a purchase by credit card on a laptop
Photograph by Geber86

Redefining customer experience: Connecting in the time of COVID-19

by Olaf Acker

As the novel coronavirus forces people into a digital-only way of life, it’s important for businesses to infuse virtual experiences with a human touch.

Photograph of a woman typing on a laptop, two children looking at laptops, and a man on a cell phone
Photograph by Justin Paget

How to respond when a crisis becomes the new normal

by Melanie Butler and Kristin Rivera

As the world comes to grips with the effects of COVID-19, businesses can focus on six areas in order to help both their people and their bottom line.

Illustration showing five people hiking; the leader carries a a lamp to light the way
Illustration by Adam McCauley

How to succeed in uncertain times

by Will Jackson-MooreHeather Swanston, and Mohamed Kande

In a difficult environment, leaders need to resist the impulse to adopt a defensive pose. They must instead take actions that will position their organization for success.

Photograph of metal steps in a wall, leading up to a neon arrow sign
Photograph by Auris

Career advice for a changing world

by Blair Sheppard

Four groups of people are most at risk from the pandemic’s economic effects, and each will have to chart a new course to achieve success.

Drawing of a person's head with a bookshelf nested inside
All illustrations by Lara Dabalsa

How to unleash creative thinking

by Amy Murphy and William Duggan

With presence of mind, you can free your brain to create flashes of insight.

Illustration showing eight coworkers, each working in a different way — at home, in an office, on a laptop, on a phone
Illustration by Laura Liedo

Creating the office of the future

by Deniz CaglarEdward Faccio, and Erika Ryback

In a remodeled world, it is vital for companies to reinvent ways of working.

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