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What you read: The 10 most popular s+b articles of 2019

How to think like a CEO, handing off the baton after a long tenure, and more of the most read stories this year.

Illustration by QuickHoney

10 principles for modernizing your company’s technology

by Leon Cooper and Milan Vyas

Today’s technology platforms are not just new versions of legacy systems. They allow you to design a completely new digital enterprise — as long as you follow these guidelines. See also “A Guide to Modernizing Your Company’s Technology.”

Illustration by James Yang

10 principles of workforce transformation

by Deniz Caglar and Carrie Duarte

How to raise the skills of your employees to meet your digital challenges. See also “A guide to workforce transformation.”

Illustration by Aad Goudappel

How to think like a CEO

by Adam Bryant

Top leaders share a particular habit of mind that sets them apart.

Illustration by Lasse Skarbövik

A strategist’s guide to upskilling

by Laurent Probst and Christian Scharff

Companies and local governments can unlock opportunity by working together to raise the quality of talent. See also “6 steps to upskilling your people.”

Illustration by Ryan Peltier

Leadership lessons from Game of Thrones

by Bruce Craven

Paying attention to your values and persuasion style can help you avoid getting beheaded or stabbed to death.

Illustration by Pep Montserrat

Succeeding the long-serving legend in the corner office

by Per-Ola Karlsson, Martha Turner, and Peter Gassmann

According to the 19th annual CEO Success study by PwC’s Strategy&, boards and new CEOs can reduce the risk associated with handing off the baton after a long tenure.

Illustration by Melinda Beck

A crisis of legitimacy

by Blair Sheppard and Ceri-Ann Droog

Today’s toughest global challenges are unintended consequences of yesterday’s success. If our prevailing institutions can’t adapt, they could lose the right to lead.

Illustration by Lars Leetaru

The new fortune at the bottom of the pyramid

by Deepa Prahalad

Profound changes are closing the gap between the world’s poorest consumers and others, offering an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to create — and share in — prosperity. For more insight, see “Changes to the Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid.”

Illustration by Phil Marden

ROX: How to get started with the new experience metric

by Matt Egol, Reid Carpenter, and Sujay Saha

Make sure you understand “return on experience” — the new way of tracking the results of your investments in customer and employee experiences — and how to implement it.

Illustration by Lars Leetaru

10 principles for leadership presence

by Annette Kramer

Build muscle memory to support conviction, commitment, and resilience for yourself and your organization.

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