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What You Read: The 15 Most Popular s+b Articles of 2018

The revenge of print, why our brains fool us, and more of the most read stories this year.

Illustration by Miguel Montaner

The Four Building Blocks of Transformation

by Al Kent, David Lancefield, and Kevin Reilly

How to lead the disruption of your own enterprise. 

Photograph by Viktor Gladkov / Alamy

Why Our Brains Fall for False Expertise, and How to Stop It

by Khalil Smith

Once we are aware of the shortcuts our minds take when deciding who to listen to, we can take steps to block those shortcuts.

Illustration by Irene Rinaldi

How Women Can Succeed by Rethinking Old Habits

by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith

Female professionals looking to their next promotion or job should identify the self-limiting behaviors that may stand in their way. See also “The Habits that Slow Down Women’s Careers.”

Illustration by Lars Leetaru

Optimism and Trust on the CEO’s Mind

by Art Kleiner

In PwC’s annual survey of chief executives around the world, respondents voiced confidence about economic growth and greater interest in corporate responsibility.

Illustration by Lars Leetaru

The Four X Factors of Exceptional Leaders

by David Reimer, Adam Bryant, and Harry Feuerstein

Understanding what differentiates a great leader from a good leader will help companies make the right choices for the top jobs.

Illustration by Adam McCauley

What the Top Innovators Get Right

by Barry Jaruzelski, Robert Chwalik, and Brad Goehle

With careful attention to six key areas, companies can make the most of their R&D investment and outpace the competition.

Illustration by Serge Bloch

Gutenberg’s Revenge

by Bob Woods

Why books are the only form of physical media whose sales are growing.

Illustration by Robert Neubecker

The Tax-Savvy Company Restructuring

by Deniz Caglar and John Ranke

Most structural changes will have tax implications. Thoughtful planning can help leaders convert tax traps into enhanced reorganization returns.

Illustration by Lars Leetaru

Using Neuroscience to Make Feedback Work and Feel Better

by David Rock, Beth Jones, and Chris Weller

Research shows that using feedback is how organisms — and organizations — stay alive. Here’s how leaders can make the most of the anxiety-producing process.

Illustration by Wavebreak Media Alamy

Tech Deals Bring New Challenges to M&A

by Alastair Rimmer

For established firms, acquiring a digital startup comes with promise and pitfalls.

Photograph courtesy of the National Basketball Association

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Has a Game Plan

by Christopher Vollmer and Daniel Gross

Global growth, social media, and technology are allowing professional basketball to engage fans in the arena and online.

Illustration by Lars Leetaru

How to Collaborate When You Don’t Have Consensus

by Adam Kahane

Three “stretch” strategies can help teams move forward when members can’t agree and don’t like or trust one another.

Illustration by Mark Matcho

Leading a Bionic Transformation

by Miles Everson, John Sviokla, and Kelly Barnes

Three new kinds of capital give companies a new source of leverage and power.

Illustration by Patrick Hruby

A Strategist’s Guide to China’s Belt and Road Initiative

by David Wijeratne, Mark Rathbone, and Gabriel Wong

A new global megaproject, unparalleled in scope and ambition, presents vast opportunities and risks for multinationals.

Illustration by John Hersey

The Revenue Stream Revolution in Entertainment and Media

by Christopher Vollmer

Developing new sources of income is a vital strategic imperative.

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