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Issue 93, Winter 2018
strategy+business magazine: Issue 93 Winter 2018

In this issue

Cover story

  • Innovation

    What the top innovators get right

    by Barry Jaruzelski, Robert Chwalik, and Brad Goehle
    With careful attention to six key areas, companies can make the most of their R&D investment and outpace the competition.
  • Strategy & Leadership

    Leading a Bionic Transformation

    by Miles Everson, John Sviokla, and Kelly Barnes
    Three new kinds of capital give companies a new source of leverage and power.

Leading Ideas


  • Organizations & People

    Using neuroscience to make feedback work and feel better

    by David Rock, Beth Jones, and Chris Weller
    Research shows that using feedback is how organisms — and organizations — stay alive. Here’s how leaders can make the most of the anxiety-producing process.
  • Strategy & Leadership

    The four X factors of exceptional leaders

    by David Reimer, Adam Bryant, and Harry Feuerstein
    Understanding what differentiates a great leader from a good leader will help companies make the right choices for the top jobs.

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