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Issue 98, Spring 2020

strategy+business magazine: Issue 98 Spring 2020

In this issue

Cover story

  • Leaders in waiting

    by Peter Englisch
    PwC’s latest survey of family-owned enterprises finds millennials ready to step up, and highlights four paths they can follow to success.

Leading Ideas

  • Leadership

    How to think like a CEO

    by Adam Bryant
    Top leaders share a particular habit of mind that sets them apart.
  • Consumer & retail

    Creating an agile mind-set at PepsiCo

    by Johannes Evenblij and Janine Waclawski
    The company’s Central and South America unit transformed itself after implementing a more nimble approach that stoked innovation and increased employees’ free time.
  • s+b Blogs

    Can you be a shaper of great institutions?

    by Art Kleiner
    Former Tata Group director R. Gopalakrishnan, who's written a new book, says the best leaders focus on building both a better business and a better world.


The Thought Leader Interview

Books in Brief

  • What’s your story?

    by Daniel Akst
    In his new book, Nobel-winning economist Robert J. Shiller emphasizes the importance of narratives.
  • A brave new workless world

    by Mike Jakeman
    In his new book, Oxford University economist Daniel Susskind sketches out the perils and promise of automation’s displacement of labor.

Recent Research

  • s+b Blogs

    The three Ts of handling consumer data

    by Matt Palmquist
    Customers give personal information to companies that are careful about trust, transparency, and the type of data they request.