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Issue 107, Summer 2022

strategy+business magazine: Issue 107 Summer 2022

Cover story

  • Meet the four forces shaping your workforce strategy

    by Bhushan Sethi, Blair Sheppard, and Nicole Wakefield
    Specialization. Scarcity. Rivalry. Humanity. Companies that understand—and harness—these forces will have an edge in creating vibrant workforces capable of achieving sustained, positive outcomes.

Leading Ideas


Books in Brief

  • A black-and-white photo of an empty, curving road with hills.

    Follow your S curve

    by Theodore Kinni
    In her new book, Smart Growth, consultant and speaker Whitney Johnson describes how the best career paths trace an arc of self-discovery.
  • A close-up view of a US$100 bill shows the seal of the US Federal Reserve.

    How the Fed came through the pandemic

    by Mike Jakeman
    An account of Jay Powell’s tenure as chair of the US Federal Reserve details a transformation from lender of last resort to the backup lender to the entire world.
  • A photograph of a man with an umbrella kicking his heels together on a rainy day.

    A guide to growing older

    by Daniel Akst
    Arthur Brooks’s new book on aging shows how a healthy awareness of one’s own mortality can influence personal and professional lives for the better.
  • A worried man looks at his computer monitor through his hands

    To err is human, to regret, divine

    by Tom Ehrenfeld
    In his new book, The Power of Regret, best-selling author Daniel Pink makes a case that regret can serve as a compass for better decision-making.

Thought Leader

Endpage: Recent Research

  • A continuous black line against a white background forms the shape of a hand.

    Leaders need to be good writers, too

    by Adam Bryant
    Being an effective manager requires strong communication skills, including writing. A few tips can help you avoid common traps and raise your game.
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