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Issue 90, Spring 2018

strategy+business magazine: Issue 90 Spring 2018

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  • Technology

    The Coming Wave of Digital Disruption

    by Leslie H. Moeller, Nicholas Hodson, and Martina Sangin
    Technological changes foreshadow a dramatic — but manageable — shift in business logic everywhere.
  • Strategy & Leadership

    Design for Your Strengths

    by John K. Coyle
    Paul Leinwand, coauthor of Strategy That Works, introduces a counterintuitive lesson in how to achieve breakthrough performance in your organization from Olympic medalist John K. Coyle.

The Thought Leader Interview

Books in Brief

  • The Da Vinci Lode

    by James Surowiecki
    In his magisterial new biography of the ultimate Renaissance man, Walter Isaacson provides important insights into the nature of creativity and innovation.

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