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Issue 80, Autumn 2015

In this issue

Cover story

  • Strategy & Leadership

    Grow from Your Strengths

    by Gerald Adolph and Kim David Greenwood
    The only sustainable way to capture new opportunities is to remain true to what your company does best.


  • Capable Dealmaker
    Strategy & Leadership

    Deals that win

    by J. Neely, John Jullens, and Joerg Krings
    Twelve years of data shows that mergers and acquisitions that apply or enhance capabilities produce superior returns.
  • Organizations & People

    Beyond Bias

    by Heidi Grant Halvorson and David Rock
    Neuroscience research shows how new organizational practices can shift ingrained thinking.

Leading Ideas


  • Organizations & People

    20/20 Foresight

    by Ram Charan
    Many business leaders need to improve their perceptual acuity. Here’s how you can develop the ability to look around corners — and become a catalyst for change.
  • Healthcare

    Staking Your Claim in the Healthcare Gold Rush

    by Carl Dumont, Sundar Subramanian, and Christoph Dankert
    Revolutionary changes in the delivery, financing, and management of healthcare present a choice: Do you want to be a gold miner or a bartender?

Books in Brief

  • The Race Goes to the Bold

    by Allison Schrager
    Thriving amid rapid change, authors Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler argue, requires a fearlessness that borders on hubris.
  • s+b Blogs

    The Wright Stuff

    by Theodore Kinni
    In a new biography of the brothers who invented the airplane, David McCullough describes the frustrations and triumphs involved in getting aviation off the ground.
  • The Prescriptions of Dr. Sachs

    by David K. Hurst
    The eminent — and controversial — economist offers a set of cures for the ills of global poverty. It’s not clear the medicine works.
  • It’s Getting Hot in Here

    by Katie Fehrenbacher
    Addressing climate change with a sense of urgency isn’t a matter of morality, two economists argue. It’s about managing risk.

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