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Issue 80, Autumn 2015

Cover story

  • Strategy & Leadership

    Grow from Your Strengths

    by Gerald Adolph and Kim David Greenwood
    The only sustainable way to capture new opportunities is to remain true to what your company does best.
  • Strategy & Leadership

    20 Questions for Business Leaders

    by Art Kleiner and Nancy A. Nichols
    The entire history of management ideas can be seen as a series of answers to a few pragmatic queries.
  • Consumer Products

    How Adidas Found Its Second Wind

    by Nicholas Ind, Oriol Iglesias, and Majken Schultz
    The sportswear giant’s embrace of its heritage shows how reconnecting with the past can inspire a company’s future.
  • Strategy & Leadership

    The future of management is teal

    by Frederic Laloux
    Organizations are moving forward along an evolutionary spectrum, toward self-management, wholeness, and a deeper sense of purpose.
  • Thought Leaders

    How Tech Clusters Form

    by Christie Rizk
    Rutgers professor Brett Gilbert describes the development of entrepreneurial communities, from Silicon Valley to Johannesburg.


  • Capable Dealmaker
    Strategy & Leadership

    Deals that win

    by J. Neely, John Jullens, and Joerg Krings
    Twelve years of data shows that mergers and acquisitions that apply or enhance capabilities produce superior returns.
  • Organizations & People

    Beyond Bias

    by Heidi Grant Halvorson and David Rock
    Neuroscience research shows how new organizational practices can shift ingrained thinking.

Leading Ideas


  • Organizations & People

    20/20 Foresight

    by Ram Charan
    Many business leaders need to improve their perceptual acuity. Here’s how you can develop the ability to look around corners — and become a catalyst for change.
  • Healthcare

    Staking Your Claim in the Healthcare Gold Rush

    by Carl Dumont, Sundar Subramanian, and Christoph Dankert
    Revolutionary changes in the delivery, financing, and management of healthcare present a choice: Do you want to be a gold miner or a bartender?

Books in Brief

  • The Race Goes to the Bold

    by Allison Schrager
    Thriving amid rapid change, authors Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler argue, requires a fearlessness that borders on hubris.
  • s+b Blogs

    The Wright Stuff

    by Theodore Kinni
    In a new biography of the brothers who invented the airplane, David McCullough describes the frustrations and triumphs involved in getting aviation off the ground.
  • The Prescriptions of Dr. Sachs

    by David K. Hurst
    The eminent — and controversial — economist offers a set of cures for the ills of global poverty. It’s not clear the medicine works.
  • It’s Getting Hot in Here

    by Katie Fehrenbacher
    Addressing climate change with a sense of urgency isn’t a matter of morality, two economists argue. It’s about managing risk.

Recent Research

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