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Summer Reading: 10 Business Books – in Pictures

A selection of books perfect for your commute — or the beach.

Cracking the Code of Economic Development

by Theodore Kinni

Public policy professor Philip Auerswald takes on “the Great Man–Machine Debate.”

The Business of Tetris

by Laura W. Geller

Journalist Dan Ackerman untangles the complicated history of one of the world’s most popular video games.

Why Managers Can’t Skimp on Radical Candor

by Theodore Kinni

Author Kim Scott argues that managers who care personally and challenge their team directly can improve results.

One Doctor’s Take on How to Fix the Sick Healthcare System

by Theodore Kinni

In his new book, Mistreated, former Permanente Medical Group CEO Robert Pearl diagnoses the woes afflicting one of the country’s largest industries.

How to Get Off the Hook

by Theodore Kinni

A Harvard Medical School psychologist explains how to manage your emotions and achieve your goals.

The Sore Loser and the Supercomputer

by Theodore Kinni

Chess champion Garry Kasparov replays his historic loss to Deep Blue to illuminate the potential of AI.

The Science Behind Mental Preparation

by Daniel Gross

In his new book, Daniel McGinn investigates the ways people prepare themselves to perform, taking us beyond the clichés of yoga poses, centering exercises, and nap rooms.

Buying Our Time

by Edward H. Baker

Author Tim Wu argues that the Internet’s descent into clickbait and trivia is only the latest chapter in a long history of advertisers grabbing our attention.

Peter Diamandis’s Excellent Adventure

by Theodore Kinni

Journalist Julian Guthrie tells the story of the Ansari XPrize and of SpaceShipOne’s historic flights.

It Pays to Get to Know Your Superconsumers

by Catharine P. Taylor

Beyond revenue, customers who are obsessed with a product don’t just provide valuable insight but are a conduit to new markets.

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