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How to be an outstanding leader

We look at how executives and those on their way to leadership roles can navigate today’s complicated business landscape.

Make the most of tax time

Taxes are often viewed as simply a compliance issue. But what if organizations thought of taxes as a way to benefit their businesses now, and help them plan for a better future? Here, a collection of articles delves into different corners of the tax world to explain how it’s done.

12 Illustrations about Management Thinking

A look at the artwork from the recent pages of strategy+business, on themes including overcoming bias at work, competitiveness in the age of digitization, and the ethics of CEOs.

New Year Reading

Seven books that will help you kick off 2018 on a sound footing.

The Story of UTCʼs Success–In Pictures

How United Technologies Corporation; — owner of Pratt & Whitney, Otis Elevator, and a wide range of other businesses; — became one of the major corporate success stories of the past two decades.